Renovation in Hirao



撮影|exp 塩谷 淳


This project has completely different process of renovation. Instead of proposing a design that reflects the client’s requirement, it’s a collaborative project for the end-user: to sell a finished spatial package that foresees the activity, the needs and the lifestyle of the site. The district of Hirao is near the railway and hosts many offices and retails. The target user to sell the project is the single person or young family generation. For the potential users, it’s important to give them a wide range of flexibility. For example, it can be occupied as a residential office, as yoga courses during the weekday, as café apartment to make food or drinks. The concept of 1DLK+one offers many possibilities of the usage. The island core that is placed in the center organizes the space and makes the boundary of the living style flexible.

Location: Fukuoka Chuo-ku Hirao
Project Type: Renovation
Project Team: STUDIO MOVE
Contractor: One Planning / Risho
Real Estate: Fromheart
Photos: exp Atsushi Shiotani